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Body: How to look after my skin?



Make sure you're hydrated, especially during actvity! The brain and heart are composed of about 73% water, and the lungs of about 83% water (H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 15).

Meanwhile your skin contains over 60% water, with your muscles and kidneys containing nearly 80% water. Actually, if you have higher muscle mass then the water weight you'll have will also be higher.

It doesn't stop there, as even your bones contain about 30% of water.

Water constitutes 65 percent to 75 percent of muscle and only 10 percent of fat. When your body doesn't get enough, your health, skin and appearance will suffer.

As a sedentary man you'll tend to lose about 2.2 litres of water daily losing water through breathing, sweating and from trips to the loo. So, you need to eat and drink throughout the day to replenish lost water.


Body Scrubs

They help remove dead skin, dirt and dry patches, leaving it replenished.

Exfoliating the face and body with scrubs help the renewal process, keeping skin nice and soft, supple and free of flaky dry patches.  Less Mr. Burns and more Mr. Bond.

Body scrubs will also help absorption of any body moisturiser you put on after a good scrub and shower. If you don’t have time for a full routine and generally take a quick shower, try using a body wash/gel that contains exfoliating beads or particles inside.

Shower Gels

It is tempting to scrimp on shower gels and just buy the cheapest supermarket brand. However, if you’re showering at least once daily or more if playing sports etc, then buying a premium shower wash or shower gel will be better for your skin in the long run.

Most bath washes, shower gels or creams contain ingredients that wash away the natural oils from the skin along with the dirt and bacteria. However, these can be damaging if not counterbalanced by essential oils and moisturisers. If you don’t want Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in your washes look for alternatives.

Body Moisturisers

Every man should make moisturising part of their daily routine. You wouldn’t leave an expensive garden bench un-coated would you? If you have, then you’ll know that within a year, it looks cracked, dry and old. So why do you do the same to your body. Moisturisers lock in moisture, improve the appearance of skin and protects it against everyday environmental damage. Therefore, apply a body moisturiser daily, right after taking a bath or shower. The skin will still be slightly damp, so a moisturiser will lock this in. Ensure to focus on the more susceptible areas of the body to dryness including the arms and legs.