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Razorpit Razorblade Sharpener
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Razorpit Razorblade Sharpener

The legendary Razorpit Razor Sharpener cleans and sharpens your razor blades, making them last on average 6 times longer.

- The average saving is around 60% per year
- Over 400,000 Razorpits sold

The RazorPit rubs microscopic dirt from the edge of your razor blade leaving a sharp edge for a comfortable shave.

Usage guide [+]

After fininshing shaving, lubricate the Razorpit with a thin layer of your shaving product. Take your razor blade and place on the surface of the Razorpit pushing down with light pressure before pushing razor forward along the entire length of the Razorpit maintaining a light pressure onto the surface.

Repeat this process 4–5 times after each shave. When finished rinse your razor and the Razorpit with warm water.

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