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Osma: Alum Block (75g)
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Osma: Alum Block (75g)

The Osma Alum Block is the original after-shave treatment, soothes the irritations of shaving. The Osma alum block will help soothe the irritation and razor burn experienced as a result of shaving. It is an all natural astringent that will stop small nicks and cuts from bleeding.

Made from potassium alum, the block has natural antiseptic and astringent properties to help close pores, reduce razor burn and stop minor bleeds.

- 75g - Alum stone based
- Natural astringent
- Hemostatic properties
- Helpful before an electric shave too

What's Inside? [+]

A 75g block with potassium alum with natural antiseptic and astringent properties

Usage guide [+]

Simply wet the alum stone then slowly pass it on the face after shaving or also, a few moments before electric shaving.

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