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Dovo of Solingen: Black and Silver Colour Shavette
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Dovo of Solingen: Black and Silver Colour Shavette

An excellent straight razor, especially for those that haven't used a shavette before. This shavette by Dovo will ease you into the world of straight razors, providing an easy to maintain razor with an effective cut. Unlike traditional cut-throat razors, the shavette uses ordinary double edge razor blades which have been snapped in half. These are easy to find and cost pennies compared to disposables.

- Razor blade sticks out about 1 mm when inserted
- Easy to assemble
- Excellent shavette for those new to straight razors

More info [+]

1 x Dovo Shavette razor from Solingen, Germany
1 x Red Blade Sleeve
1 x Double-Edge Razor Blade

Usage guide [+]

Just slide the half double-edge into the blade insert using Dovo's provided red sleeve and away you go.

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